HOP Is Now Open For Sunday Services:

Sundays 10:00 am in the Main Building

Praise the Lord! We are so excited!!! We now offer one (1) English Service at 10:00am and one (1) Spanish service at 12pm with a 100 person capacity maximum. Protocol and Procedure...Please know that HOP Church is at the forefront of protecting the health of our family and staff. We are sanitizing rooms and public spaces; we have added cleaning staff who are using hospital-grade, virus-killing solutions and are adhering to the following protocols: 1) Everyone that is entering the campus will be screened outside in the main area for temperature taking and hand sanitizing. 2) If you have a temperature upon check-in, access into the building will not be granted. You will need to go home. 3) Masks must be worn upon entry of the building. During praise and worship, you are allowed to take off your mask. When exiting and moving around in the building you must wear your mask at all times. 4) Physical distancing is required in all public spaces and in the sanctuary. 5) Strategic transitional directional patterns are required for (entry and exit) and to the restrooms. (Arrows will be marked on the floor.) God Bless You! We can’t wait to see you and worship with you again!

What Can I Expect On My first Visit?

Church should be an enjoyable experience. Our services are energetic and upbeat. A member of our greeters team will welcome you at the door and give you a bulletin on what’s happening in our House Of Prayer. In that bulletin you will find a Connection Card, please fill out and bring it with you to the Word of Life Bookstore (in the back of the church) and receive a gift bag for being a first time Guest. If you need childcare for an infant, preschooler, or want to check your school-aged child in our dynamic HOP Kids Ministries. Our greeters will direct you where to go. Make sure you stop by our “Got Info Booth” in the Barlow Hall located in the back of the church for further information.

We are a multi-cultural Bible Based church. Feel free to sit, kneel, stand, clap, dance or lift your hands during the service. Our service kicks off with live music and singing. Pastor James Lilley presents the Bible in a way that is relevant to today’s culture by using Bible scriptures, personal experience, humor and illustrations. In order to keep the focus on the Lord and his presence should you arrive after 10:15am please wait to be seated by an usher in the back half of the sanctuary.

The attire at the church ranges from business suits to jeans, t-shirts and even knee shorts. Our goal is not to impress others or hold a fashion show, it is to connect with God. Wear what makes you feel most comfortable!

Gentleman, in reverence of the Lord’s house please remove your hat upon entrance into the church.

The church location is 1245 Thomaston Ave, Waterbury, Connecticut. Click on our direction page for more information. Van Ministry is available for those who need a ride to church. You must call the office no later than Wednesday to make your request.

Enjoy service in a stress free environment, if your little one becomes fussy or if you are a nursing mother you are welcome to use the Family Room, located in the rear of the main sanctuary. Children between the ages of 1 to 6 are welcome to attend our Feeding the Lambs Nursery, located in the main level of the sanctuary. Children between the ages of 7-12 are welcome to attend HOP Kids Ministries, located in the Family Life Center building. For more information, click on HOP Kids Ministries.