We strategically cultivate believers, equipping them to fulfill their destiny in Christ.

Equipping others for the work of the ministry fulfills the Great Commission. Whether it’s in our role as husband, wife, child, or worker, all believers need to be equipped to observe all that Jesus has commended through his Word. Being equipped is your way of pushing back the kingdom of darkness. The days are evil, and unequipped or ill-equipped members will be susceptible to Satan’s schemes and false doctrine. Living holy, living as participants in the new creation of Christ, verifies that we have an inheritance in the kingdom of light and are no longer under Satan’s rule. You must be armed and equipped with spiritual weapons to fight against the forces of hell.

Pastor Carol Wilson

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How to grow with us


Through Growth Track as a child of God, you will grows from glory to glory, gradually becoming more like our savior Jesus Christ. As you focus, connect and learn more from God’s word, you will begin to see the truth. Your talk, your walk, your desires, your character and your outlook on life will be completely transformed; your mind renewed by the word of God through Jesus Christ. You will begin to know what the will of God is. This is an amazing and fruitful continuous process.


This class is a basic introductory to the ministry of House of Prayer. It introduces you to be the purpose and definition of the church. You will learn about our values, vision and strategy.


This class leads you through the basic beliefs every Christian needs to find success in their walk with Christ.


This class will help you discover your gifts, personality and purpose in life and see how God combines them for the best fit in ministry.


This class introduces you to various ministries at the House of Prayer Church. You will be given the opportunity to get involved in a ministry.

Growth Track 101 Syllabus

Growth Track 201 Syllabus

Growth Track 301 Syllabus

Dream Team Application

Why do I like serving on the Dream Team?

We believe that God has a special place for you where your unique abilities and passions can be used to touch the lives of others . Your life will never make sense until you find, develop,and fulfill that purpose in life. Don’t wait another day to live the dream. Join the Team!

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How to grow with us

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In Christs Image Training

In Christs Image Training Center provides a six month, Level One experience with subjects focusing on Christlikeness (i.e. having an unoffendable spirit), Humility, Prayer and Unity. The training encompasses college level materials and offers both a certificate of completion and continuing education credits, which can be applied to other seminary and ministerial programs. The training center sends weekly email segments as well as audio teachings; students then meet in groups to discuss material. The cost to participate in a weekly group is relatively inexpensive. Although GED is not required, online access and an email is required. The classes begin quarterly.

Teaching includes material from Francis Frangipane, Mike Bickle, International House of Prayer, and teachings from Lou Engle, Dutch Sheets, and Ed Silvoso.

After completing Level One, students are invited to complete a second, Level Two three-month program. Level Three involves facilitating a Level One program, where you will learn how to help others in their journey. For more information about the program www.inchristsimage.org . To register for the program, prayer@houseofprayer.org

Pastor Mary Bruce